Finding Comfort in the Bible When Struggling with Mental Health

When you're struggling with mental health, it can be difficult to find comfort and solace. For many people, turning to the Bible can be a source of strength and hope. Whether you're feeling sad, losing interest in life, or noticing changes in sleep, appetite, or energy levels, being honest and open about your mental health is often the first step to finding relief. If you're a religious person, turning to the Bible in difficult times may also come naturally to you.

If reading Bible verses for inspiration, reading Bible verses about anxiety, or praying to help relieve anxiety has helped you in the past, knowing that there are Bible verses that address depression could also be helpful. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 6.7 percent of the adult population has probably experienced depression at some point in their lives. I recently asked the Facebook group Turning the Page what their favorite verses were for their mental health. One particular verse that was mentioned was John 11:25, which reads: “Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.

The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;’” This verse helps calm my anxiety because, even though I fear the unknown, I know that God is with me and has already planned my life. He doesn't always bring “my Lazarus” back to life, but he always sees my pain, he knows my struggle and he knows my future and the joy that lies ahead. Just because you're fighting doesn't mean that you're doing something wrong or that you don't have enough faith, it just means that you're fighting a battle. If you're looking for comfort and guidance during difficult times, consider turning to the Bible for help. There are many verses that can provide strength and hope during times of distress.

Whether it's John 11:25 or another verse that speaks to you personally, having a source of comfort can make all the difference when it comes to managing your mental health.

Reginald Thomson
Reginald Thomson

Reverend Thomson is a pastor and Bible scholar with over 10 years of experience in ministry and biblical studies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies, a Master of Divinity degree. As a Bible scholar, Rev Thomson has published numerous articles and books on various topics in biblical studies, including hermeneutics, exegesis, and biblical theology. He is widely respected for his expertise in the original languages of the Bible, and he is frequently invited to speak at conferences and seminars on biblical scholarship. He loves working with his church youth group. He is a frequent guest on the Scripture for Todaypodcast.

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